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Resident Evil 3: Confirm Release Date And Prediction Of Gameplay

Resident Evil 3 is soon going to come and everyone is dying in anticipation. It is a historical event for all the gamers and since were coming close to the release date everyone wants to know everything about the game.

The game is actually a remake of the 1999 version which was originally played on the PlayStation. The game is scheduled for a 27 March release and everyone just hopes it on time and doesn’t get delayed due to the COVID-19 shenanigans. For now, the game will bring out all the information about the one vs four multiplayer and will be a new refreshing take on the 1999 game.

One of the main characters is Mastermind who has abducted 4 survivors who will all be playing together in the multiplayer mode. They will be put through life and death situations and the mastermind would be observing all of this and putting the players through different conditions. The game is all about surviving and escaping the great hazards.

This game will also bring out a beta version which would be out by the first week of April and everyone should surely give the game a shot by then.

The game has been made for the modern players and will have great graphics and highly creative content. It will also have a heavy artificial intelligence system and support enhanced gameplay. It will also show a far more detailed version of the Raccoon City.

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