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Remember That Fatal Shootout ‘Jacob Blake’ Here What He Has to Say

Racism and Colourism have been two of the most talked-about issue in recent memory. People’s conscience has been stirred violently after the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis, MN. Since then protests have been taking place all across the country of the United States of America. Statues mobilizing racist and slave trade have been taken down by angry protestors. Shops have been lit on fire and petrol pumps have been burned to the ground. Museums bearing cultural artefacts in relation to America’s history has been brandished like none before. The unsympathetic comments made by Donald Trump has only accelerated the rage and irritation of such protestors.

What incident took place with Jacob Blake?

The recent incident that has sparked off debate newly is the shooting of Jacob Blake. The incident took place in Kenosha Wisconsin. Jacob was trying to settle a fight that was taking place between two women. Suddenly two police officers intervened and started heckling Blake. Blake was seen arguing with them and them moving towards his silver SUV. In the same car, three of his children were sitting. When Blake went to sit in the car, the police officers who were following him attacked him from behind. They were carrying guns and they suddenly shot Jacob from behind. It took place on a video camera and in front of his children. Blake has since then been hospitalized with fatal wounds due to the seven gunshots that he encountered. The police officers have been told to go on Administrative Leave.

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What has been the Reaction?

People have reacted in a very emotional and angry manner to the incident. People have started protests and have stood against the decision taken by the authorities in the USA. Most recently the governor of Wisconsin Kenosha was compelled to call the NSG in order to restrain the protestors from attacking the public places. The protestors set fire to the shops and destroyed many places. The governor said that actions will be taken against such an unruly group of protestors.

What has Trump said about the issue?

President Donald Trump has had an unsympathetic attitude towards the group of protestors. Instead of understanding their cause of concern, he has adopted a very violent approach towards the entire issue. He said that it would be very inappropriate on part of the authorities to give leeway to such protestors. For more updates on the issue, you can keep a track through our official webpages.