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Remake of Sex and the City by Sherry Cola: Tap to Check Everything You Should Know and Gossips About It

In this period of quarantine, we all are binging every or any random Netflix, Amazon Prime or whatever streaming platforms we are able to get our hands-on we are just watching.

Is She for Real??

And it’s just not us but celebs maybe are going the same thing. Recently, Sherry Cola was interviewed and since her ability to take comedy out of everything it was really was a good thing to ask from her about how to pass our time in this difficult situation.

As a result, there were many good questions which were asked from her regarding TV series which she could recommend and also some them which could be an awesome binge.

After some time, When she was asked that which show has remained her all-time favourite?? The Good Trouble star answered “Sex and The City”, For her, it was something which always brings her back to watch, no matter how many times she watches the show always brings her back to it.

Now, That Will Be Fun

She also has shown her desire to make an All Asian version of “Sex and The City” and she is pretty eager about it as she was thinking to do that within the four walls of her house with some guests if possible.

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The star was also asked several other questions regarding what she is currently streaming and as unexpected, the star is currently binging the classics like Mrs Doubtfire and others to relive her childhood.

And as for now, she is having all the famous romantic comedy series and also she was quite a fan of “Below Deck”, even if it’s just a catfight and the fact that she is loving it too, there is a chance that maybe others also fall in love with it.

So, This was the whole scenario but still an Asian remake of the whole ” Sex and the City” thing is something which we all will love to see and maybe it could become a show one day.