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Remake of Little Mermaid on board.

After huge success of Lion King Disney is coming back with another real life action Disney movie. Recently Disney has been making live action versions of it’s famous animation movies. First it was Beauty and The Beast. Then ‘Aladin’ and in 2019 – ‘Lion King’.

Now Disney is coming up with remake of 1989’s film ‘Little Mermaid’. Now with real actors and lot’s of CGI.

When will it hit big screens ?

Official announcement has not been made yet about the release date. Though the production of the movie will start around April 2020. Either in late 2020 or early 2021 is the tentative time of release.

Plotline of the film

90’s kids are all familiar with the plot of this movie. It is based on a Danish story by Hanse Christian Anderson. The story is about Mermaid Princess of Atlanta – Princess Ariel.

The princess has Beautiful red hair and mesmerising voice. Despite of her father, King Triton’s belief of Humans being ‘barbaric’, she always wonders about life on the land. Her wish to go on the land grows stronger when she meets Prince Eric. Ariel saves Prince Eric during a storm and falls head over *fins* for him.

In attempt to get on the Land to meet prince eric again, she agrees to the conditions of Witch Ursula in return of a pair of legs. Ursula converts her find into legs and takes her voice in return. Then Ariel becomes Jeremy and sets out to find Prince Eric.

When she finds him and he gets mesmerized by her , Ursula comes as Vanessa and lures the prince using Ariel’s voice. The catch in the agreement between Ariel and Ursula was if Ariel doesn’t get True Love’s kiss in 3 days , she will belong to Ursula forever as Jeremy.

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Prince decides to marry Vanessa and leave Ariel Heartbroken. In the end of the movie Ursula aka Vanessa gets killed by Prince eric uniting Ariel and Eric. King Triton then converts Ariel into Human. The story ends with Eric and Ariel’s Happily Ever After.

In Little mermaid 2, the couple gives birth to a beautiful girl. Melody desires to go the seas in Part 2. So let’s see what happens in the Remake.

Cast Details

The movie is directed by Rob Marshall who on 3rd July, 2019 announced that Ariel will be played by singer Halle Bailey.

Due to Dark complexion of Halle , fans started campaign with #notmyariel to oppose the casting. Director Rob and Jedi Bension who gave the Voice to Ariel in 1989 came out in support of the Halle discarding the Racism .

This time Seagull Scuttle has changed genders and we will see the Awkwafina in the role. Mellisa McCarthy will be seen in the role of wicked witch Ursula. Jacob tremblay will play flounder and Javier Bardem as King Triton.

Jonah Hauer King who actually looks like prince Eric in real life with his blue eyes and dimples has been roped jn for the role of Prince Eric

Like every other Disney movie, fans are eager to see their favourite princess on the big screen again.