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Releasing News of Lucifer Season 5 and What Should Be Its Plot?

The well renowned tv series, Lucifer is coming back on Netflix. Lucifer Season 5 is coming! We can expect to see more of Lucifer’s charm. Netflix renewed the series for its fifth and final season. The show garnered a lot of publicity after it was cancelled. Netflix later picked up the series after seeing how much the fans cared about it. They produced and released season 4. Season 4 aired in May 2019.

When is Lucifer season 5 coming?

Netflix announced that there will be a season 5. They also said that it will be the final season. But there might be some hope. There are a lot of rumours going around that Netflix is in talks with Warner Bros. They are talking about giving fans another season.

Season 5 was originally set to have 10 episodes but Netflix later changed it to 16. They will be divided into two parts of 8 episodes. It was supposed to release in 2021 but the production getting delayed might affect the release.

What Is the Production Status of Lucifer Season 5?

The shooting was affected by the ongoing pandemic. Out of the 16 episodes, only 15 were filmed leaving the 16th yet to be filmed. There will be post production processes remaining for the first batch of episodes.

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What will be the plot of Lucifer season 5?

In season 4, we saw Lucifer taking his rightful place in hell. It was really shocking for the fans. Prophecies are coming true according to the show’s lore. Right when Lucifer and Chloe had their intimate moment. Lucifer parted with her in order to protect her.

In Lucifer season 5, we will see Lucifer in hell and how he runs it. Then, it will just be a matter of time before he goes out on earth. But who will take his place? Some theories suggest that it will be Amenadiel. We can’t say for sure but someone has to keep the balance. Maybe it will be Lucifer himself.

We can also expect to see the relationship between Chloe and the Devil get deeper.

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