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Release of new mobile game based on Narcos- Netflix series

Netflix has announced its concern for the new mobile game launch based on the series Narcos. It has given the green light for the game called Narcos. The game will be available on iOS as well as Android devices in 2020. It is the first mobile game of Narcos, and it is coming with excitement and great options. Android users through the Google Play Store can pre-register for the game. However, iOS users have to wait until the launch of the game.

Narcos is the passive game that will put the players at the center of its history. The participants of the Narcos game head to the top of the international business of the posters. The players need not smuggle drugs. However, they have to improve or build their cartel operation from scratch. 

What will be the story for the Narcos game?

When the Narcos begins, the players can unlock new characters easily. Even they can update the aspects which will provide access to great rewards. It will highlight the continuous growth in the production pipe throughout the game. The story of the Narcos game is divided into some episodes. Every episode has a different objective. And you have to unlock every episode for moving further in the game. 

When is Narcos game going to launch?

Narcos game based on series is going to launch in 2020. Though, a final release date of the game has not yet set. Still, its release depends on the pre-registration in the App store. Along with it, those who pre-register will receive a special prize in the Narcos game. Thus, the Android users should pre-register themselves on the Play store for the game. You will get a notification when the game activates on your platform. 

The content of the story will not get follow within the game. The Narcos relies on a massive program for the players. The story of the Narcos game is based on the narratives which are inspired by the program. The show will feature many characters throughout the game. Narcos gaming is surely going to be hot in the mere future. 

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