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Relationship of Lawrence Fox With His Girlfriend Ends: Mixed Race Girlfriend Dumps Him After Seeing the Abuse About Racism on BBC Question

Racism is one of the most widely debated topics in today’s world. With the world economy encouraging freedom of speech and equal pay, racism has become a widely criticized topic. The difference between the skin color still exists which is quite difficult to digest in the 21st Century. People with a washed up psyche still use it as to tool to shield their weakness and inability. When it comes to famous personalities, they often shy away from talking on such sensitive topics.

However, Laurence Fox was not one of them. His comments about racism sparked a lot of controversy recently. It also led to a series of consequences in his professional and private life.

What events led to the controversy?

Laurence Fox, a famous TV personality appeared on BBC News Network. He was invited to talk about the prevailing socio economic scenario in Britain and America. During his interaction with the interviewers, he mentioned that Meghan Markel’s racial comments were very boring. Meghan had recently been subjected to a lot of racial abuse. For his lack of sympathy towards her, it felt very awkward at that moment.

Fox went on a rant saying that Meghan saying that she will relinquish her position was just a publicity stunt. In addition to all this he also said that racial discrimination should exist as a predominant form of class boundary and restriction.

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What Were the Consequences of His Remark?

Laurence was widely criticized afterwards for his unsympathetic remarks. His brother in law Richard Ayode is a mixed race personality. He mentioned the comments to be absolutely rubbish and disgraceful. Laurence had been in a relationship with a mixed race woman. She was a professional photographer and a fashion designer.

After these slew of comments on the show, she dumped Laurence. Fox exposed this news to the media himself when he talked about the repercussions this event had on his life. Laurence said that it has turned his life upside down and that his comments have been blatantly misconstrued.

What Is His Current Relationship Status?

Laurence is currently dating Medelin Grant. A fellow Journalist who appeared in the panel alongside him, both of them it seems have similar views on the issue. Twitter has been abuzz with hate comments directed at Laurence Fox after his verbal onslaught.