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Red Dead Redemption 2 RDR 2: Online Update Unbelievable Rewards in Events Here You Can Check Free Ability Card and More Details

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been one of the finest creations of Rockstar Games. With a magnanimous narrative and a powerful revenge driven storyline, this game has peaked up the order. In addition to this, gamers can also access the various kinds of patch which the makers are developing. This is being done to make the gameplay more interesting and missions a bit more achievable.

Latest Updates on the Rewards in Free Roam and Ability Gift Cards

Free Roam Events are the most exciting feature of this game. After you have completed your designated set of missions you can play these modes in order to enhance your inventory. Some popular free roam modes include King of the Castle, Wild Animal Kills and Master Archer. According to the latest uploaded patch you can increase your RP and Gold by 50% if you can unlock the missions in the Free Roam Events.

Another interesting feature added to the game is that of availing large percentage of discounts. If you prefer to buy a jacket while playing these modes, you can get them at the store with over 50% discount using a special coupon card provided to you.

Another feature which has been very popular since it’s release Is the ability gift card. With this you can ensure the completion of mission by boosting your skills and ability. Every 3 consecutive days that you login to your gaming account you will get this card. It will update your skills by 50% points.

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Clothing and Wardrobe Update

With this new updated patch, you can also access a variety of clothing material which will suit your character. You can choose from a wide range of Plaid Caps, Macbay Jackets and Clymene Coat. These clothing materials can be bought by using the discount coupon. Materials would stay in the inventory until you choose to sell them off later in exchange for quids. Make your character the most fashionable among the lot.

Other Weekly Discounts

Apart from the above mentioned ones a lot of other discounts are also available to encash on. 30% discounts are available on weapons like Shotguns, Melee and Rare Horses. Gift cards are also available in the weapons section which will help you to take opportunity to buy weapons at the least cost.

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