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Red Dead Redemption 2: How It Became A Revolutionary Part Of American Culture

Rockstar Games is your final destination for ultimate gaming. This popular franchise is responsible for Grand Theft Auto, a game of mythical proportions.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is another glorious chapter added to the list.
This American Western Action is constantly engaging more gamers with its scenic setting.

Themes touched upon by Red Dead Redemption 2

Second installment sees the rise of Jack Marston.
Jack tries to fit in with the working mentality of his gang. But his father’s death insights the rage and fury in him.

Edgar kills John Marston, showing zero sympathy and benevolence.
Marston Junior goes a on a killing spree, to avenge his father’s death.
The storyline revolves around how Jack becomes a feared bounty hunter.

The Vision of American Dream in Red Dead Redemption 2

American Dream highlights the respect for one’s motherland.

John’s passion and Abigail’s vision are highlights of the journey.

Their peripheral vision of looking upon the hallowed grounds of their birth is highly symbolic.

Lives come to a standstill as both John and Abigail die where they took birth.

Edgar’s Death in Red Dead Redemption 2

John killing Edgar brings an end to the era of Old customs and culture. But life is still not a bed of roses as enemies are always on the prowl.

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How the story revolves around John’s future would be the biggest theme in the third part.
Fans are surely in for a treat as their joy would multiply with any further announcements.