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Red Dagger and MsMarvel Inhuman Character Will Reportedly Appear In Disney Series?

Red Dagger and an Inhuman character Kamran will reportedly appear in the #MsMarvel Disney series? It is true or not let’s see in this article.

Waiting for yet another jaw-dropping announcement from the house of Marvel. What else could you ask for?

Ms. Marvel is getting two new characters who are going to play a pivotal role in the entire series.

Ms. Marvel: Introduction

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel is a Superhero who made her appearance in a number of Marvel Comic series and also has a solo one running.

Shapeshifting and inhuman healing power are her super strengths.

A fan, inspired by Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel even bagged a lot of awards. The first American Muslim Superhero to appear in the Marvel Comic books.

Kamran: Character


The fresh new inhuman character is going to be introduced in the Marvel Universe. Kamran, a charming, Charismatic young lad whom Kamala has a crush on.

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Also possessed with the superhuman powers that could burst objects into the light.

Undoubtedly this addition seems pretty exciting and can’t wait to see how good it is going to get when the story develops with its new characters.

Red Dagger: Character

Red Dagger: Character

The name says it all. Not another lad with superhuman powers but his skills in throwing and hitting the target with daggers seem to be a superhuman skill.

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Yes, he’s also the latest addition to Ms. Marvel. Red Dagger, also known as Kareem is a student settled in Pakistan who takes on criminals of the city.

Also having a romantic interest in Kamala, his family friend, the story may even be based on their romance too.

Already feeling so great about the addition of characters and it’s always been so special to see these announcements.

Marvel is developing its huge superhero comic base and the versatility content in each is unique and acceptable.

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