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Recent News About Coronavirus in USA All You Need to Know

Despite the fact that the coronavirus is a virus that originated from China but the current hotspot for coronavirus is America where the situation is out of control. The first case in the US was detected on January 20 since then the virus has spread like a wildfire and has infected approximately 583,000 people in the U.S., across all 50 states. The virus has taken the life of at least 23,649 people.

Us Deaths From Coronavirus:

More than 23,000 people have died in America as a result of coronavirus. Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has estimated that despite the lockdown and social distancing approximately 200,000 people can ultimately die in the U.S.One more organisation IHME predicted that 60,415 people will die in the United States. It predicted that on April 12 the death toll will reach its peak with 2,212 deaths. The prediction proved out to be very close to reality as on April 12 there were 1,528 deaths from the virus.

The Hotspots for Coronavirus in the Us:

The coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in many US cities and thus could lead to these cities converting into a new hotspot. According to current trend cases are mounting rapidly in Boston, Detroit, New Orleans and Philadelphia which is very dangerous.

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Dr Jerome Adams, the U.S. Surgeon General expressed the hope that the cases in New York are expected to decrease from next week but the situation in many other hotspots could worsen by next week. New Orleans had more than 4,900 COVID-19 cases, more than 9,000 COVID-19 cases in Detroit, 14,559 cases in Pennsylvania’s, 18,970 cases in Michigan.

Rescue Plan to Combat Coronavirus:

The U.S. Senate had passed a $2 trillion rescue bill in the Oval Office after it was passed in the House of Representatives through a voice vote. According to the bill, $532 billion will be allocated for big business, local government loans and financial assistance which include $61 billion which will directly go to airlines. About $377 billion is for small business loans and grants. Other help includes $290 billion which will go directly to families in certain tax brackets, $260 billion for unemployment insurance, $126 billion to hospitals and other health care facilities; $45 billion for FEMA.