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Rebecca Judd Shows Her Bikini Photos During the Lockdown

Rebecca Judd is a famous australian model and has been married to Chris Judd who is an Australian football league player .

So the recent news about Rebecca is that the mother-of-four has shown her amazing physique or her fit body in a bikini selfie.

As the Melbourne’s is surrounded by lockdown measures at the time of this pandemic and nobody is allowed to go outside and that is considered to be a very important measure at this time.Her photograph shows that how she is using her lockdown period constructively in developing her physique ,to get a toned body and everyone is really impressed with her.

On Thursday ,she put the story on instagram in which she was showing her physically fit figure in a cleavage revealing bikini at her Brighton mansion.

How was her appearance ?

The colour of  the two pieces was an apricot with a white coloured cat eye sunglasses in her eyes .She was holding a 50+ sunscreen tube in her hand .

It looks like she was promoting the brand in her photograph with the  caption written as “Sunny Days + @theskincarecompany Dry Touch SPF50”.

Her last picture in bikni was in January this year only .She was seen in the sunshine wearing the bikini .

How is she able to maintain such a physique?

This awesome figure is a result of cardio tennis .She is addicted to tennis and plays it for two hours in order to maintain her fit figure.She said that this is a cardio workout .She has an awesome abs and her arm is so tonned that fans even had commented on her pictures about that .

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Owner of the fitness company has said that she is able to maintain a balance between her work and family and is able to get trained for two hours twice a week.

Stay tuned for more updates.