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Reason of BJ Hogg Death the Actor From Games of Thrones

Bj hogg was the famous character from the games of thrones ,he was assigned the role of Bannerman of House Lannister, Addam Marbrand in the first season of the Games Of Thrones aka GOT.His age was 65.He was the northern Irish comedy actor.

What Are the Words of Geoff Stanton on His Death:

According to the BBC ,one of his agents Geoff Stanton has confirmed his death.According to the report ,the agent said’ He was such a great man, a big personality and a terrific actor’.His family must be heartbroken and we all have sympathy with them.He added that he was one of the nicest person he had ever known and he is such a big loss.The correct reason for his death is still unknown.

His Popularity

He was known for his role of Big Mervyn ,the BBC Northern Ireland series Give My Head Peace for almost 20 years of his life.

No doubt he was a great actor with a good heart .We had his glimpses in season 1& season 3 of the fall series.

The1996’s Dance Lexie Dance, which was nominated for an Oscar for a short film.He was part of it.

Everyone in the industry is heartbroken by the news of his death ,all are tweeting for the peace of his soul.According to them ,they have lost the part of their family .Their sympathy is with his wife Elish, son Nathan and daughter Abigail at this hard time.He was a successful actor and was known for his roles in many series.

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Reason Behind His Death

Till now we only know about the confirmation of his death ,but the reason for his death is still a mystery for everyone.His fans are heartbroken after the news of his death .

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