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Rayshard Brooks Case: Atlanta Police Officer Who Killed Brooks Charged with Felony Murder

The Police have yet again done another mistake which has resulted in outrage among the ongoing protest of the Geroge Floyd death case that had occurred on May 25. Another such killing of an African American, done in the hands of the  Atlanta police have further escalated the tensions. The encounter was also recorded in the video which was shared online on various social platforms showing the brutality of the police once again.

Details about Rayshard Brook’s Encounter

Rayshard Brooks was asleep in the car in Wendy’s drive-through lane and causing some traffic blockage when a restaurant employee reportedly called the police for assistance and told them he was intoxicated. When the police encountered Brooks the situation got pretty violent and ended up resulting in the shooting which killed Brooks. The incident had been recorded on camera and the previous videos show that Brooks grabbed the officers taser guns and pointed at the police officer Rolfe.

As he was running away from the police officers Rolfe shot him twice in the back as confirmed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Rolfe kicked Brooks when he fell to the ground and Brosnan had confirmed that he had put his foot on his shoulders while Brooks was dying.

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The department fired the officer responsible for shooting and the other officer Brosnan who accompanied him was put on administrative duties.

Rolfe Charged With Felony Murder

Going by the rules of the Atlanta Police it does not even allow any kind of firearms on someone who is running away. But Rolfe did and violated this rule. The investigation said that Brookes was calm at first and was cooperated with the officers and he poses no threat to the officers.

The officer who did this is reportedly charged with felony murder and more 10 charges in total which includes assault with a deadly weapon, criminal damage, violation of the oat of his office. There might be life prison or the death penalty if found guilty in front of the jury.

There have been heavy demonstrations in Atlanta that followed after the death of Brooks and the violent protesters had also burned down Wendy’s restaurant.