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Ray Park Shares Video on Social Media and Got Viral Was It Done by Him or It Was Hacked

Actor Ray Park is very popularly known for acting in the Star Wars franchise and also in X-Men. Reportedly he is in news now and on the high points of all the journalists and that too not for a very good reason. The actor had recently posted a video on his Instagram account of him having a bl*w job from a woman. Apparently, the woman is being speculated as Ray’s wife.

However, the video has been now taken down from the internet But it went viral in no time. It spread all over the social media just like a forest fire and people started sharing it very quickly.

Many people commented and reacted on that video and some of them called Ray insensitive and pathetic. A woman also accused him of posting such kind of sex video on a social media platform without even taking prior consent from his wife. They also called him nasty and freak and asked him to take the video down.

Also, it also has been speculated by soo many people that his account may have been hacked by some hacker. Because nowadays, Instagram hacking is very easy and it has happened with many of the celebrities.

Meanwhile, the video has received so many comments and shares all around the world before it was deleted from his account. this incident was certainly very humiliating for both the actor Ray and his wife.

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Also, one user posted the screenshot of the 45-year old actor’s wife conversation with his wife Lisa. It showed that the account wasn’t hacked and he posted that video willingly.
However, Ray is still yet to respond to all these reports and claims where they are true or not.

Till then, let’s wait for the actual truth behind the video to come out in front of his fans.
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