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Raven Symone Net Worth 2020 All You Need to Know

The net worth of celebrities is something which always attracts us. So, let’s talk about one of them and try to find out exactly how much they make from the show business.

Right now, We are going to talk about Raven Symone’s net worth and going to check for ourselves that exactly how much she actually used to make.

Raven Symone Who is she??

So, Raven was born on 10 Dec 1985. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia as Raven Symone Christina Pearman. As a toddler, she was moved to New York and after which she started acting as a model at a mere age of 2 with a lot of famous brands like Ford and also able to do advertisements for many children products. In, New York, she attended the Park School.

When she was asked to do an audition for “Ghost Dad” in which she is going to act alongside Bill Cosby. The actress instantly got a part in “The Cosby Show” in 1989. She was able to come under the name of Olivia for the last two seasons which made her very familiar to the audience eyes. After that, she was able to get a lot of shows and TV shows including “Queen: The Story of an American family”  where she plays the younger version of Halle Berry’s character.

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Was Her Net Worth $300 Million Anytime??

In the meantime, she also started her singing career starting at the age of 7. She was able to work with MCA records and also was under the guidance of Missy Elliot who was her vocal coach. Her first album released in 1993 and after which her two singles appeared “That’s What little girls are made up of” and “Raven is the flavour ” was able to reach the lower half of Billboard Top 100 and with a sold of fewer than 100,000 copies her songs were a flop.

After she appeared in a number of TV shows and movies, she was able to amass a whopping amount of $55 million which is the real net worth. People thought that her net worth was somewhat $300 million which is a hoax.