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Ratched Seasom 2: Release Date to Come Official Fans Can’t Wait

Ratched can be fairly said to be one of the most loved series on Netflix. The first season of the series premiered in September, and the fans are already very excited about the next season.  The series is originally based on the legendary novel of Ken Kesey “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest”.

Many speculations are made on season 2 by the fans. As the season 1 of the series has already gained a huge fan base.  The fans have connected many dots by the information which is speculated and started chatting about it. The question is what influence will the Oscar-winning 1975 film adaption will have on the small screen.

When will be the Ratched Season 2 be aired on Netflix?

The directors of the show have not made any official announcement about the release date of the show.  But According to Lesley Gold berg The Hollywood reporter, Netflix has already given a green light to season 2 of the series. The show has originally started picking up the pace and has created enthusiasm in the fans.

But considering the current situation of the general state of industry shutdown in 2020, there are fair chances that there might be a push back in the release date of the show. Until the cast and crew of the shows can get to work normally the fans might have to wait until next winter, or early 2022 for the episodes of the series.

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Will Ratched Season 2 will be linked to One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest?

The fans should not expect that season 2 will be completely linked to the novel, as it’s a prequel series the show will naturally build its own storyline while building it with the famous Kesey’s novel.

There is no confirmation that the show might create four seasons, it completely depends upon the popularity of the show.

In one the interview in October 2019 with the Hollywood reports Sara Paulson also told “Ideally, by the time we’re in season four, we’re in that story of the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

By the statement of Paulson, there is a probability that the showrunner Ryan Murphy can introduce chief Bromdem the narrator to point ways to the novel.