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Rapper Kanye West: Guess the Celeb’s Net Worth and Know His Sources of Income

There are a lot of celebrities who just really don’t want to tell their net worth for some reason. We have no idea why? But they still do that and it’s annoying.

What’s Going On??

So, let’s try to take one example of one of the celebrities we have here. “Kanye West”. The American Rapper has quite a fame for being rough on certain people at times but still, this man is nonetheless known for his hardcore rap and the way he does, nobody else can do better than him.

So, let try to look out for his net worth. The singer has been able to get a lot of hits and popularity for his songs for quite a while but he only revealed his new worth once and that was back in 2017 when he posted on Twitter that he has about $53 million in his possession as it was a debt which he needed to make his fashion industry which he is so much interested in.

But, let’s try to look at it clearly as it’s just not possible that for a guy like him will have such a tiny net worth as his tours were pretty good and one of the seven tours was able to grab him enough to increase his net worth for two-digit million dollars and after that, he has his own music label which goes by the name of “Good Music”  which has been doing great business out there.

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Is It for Real??

After that, His fashion label is doing quite well as he was recently able to have a partnership with Adidas which didn’t go out very well as they were not paying him his royalties.

There is also the app of music called “Tidal” which is co-owned by Kanye and this app basically pays better than the other apps out there which simply gives out low royalties, whenever a newbie wants to enter in the industry.

So, It could be possible that Kanye may have around 100 million dollars as his bet worth.