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Rapper Drake Net Worth 2020 All You Need to Know

Well, Net worth of celebrities, Even though we don’t have that kind of money but still knowing the fact that how much does these stars have able to bulk is something which we always love to check again and again.

Let’s talk about one of them and this time it’s “Drake”. This rapper has been able to get a lot of attention these days and to this day, He has been able to amass a whopping amount of $170 million.

Rapper Drake Career as an Artist

Drake was born as Aubrey Graham on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Canada.  He is a rapper, songwriter, singer and actor. He started his career as an actor in a teen drama series called ” Degrassi: Next Generation” where he played the role of Jimmy Brooks, a basketball player who becomes physically disabled after being shot by his friend.

He always had a passion for rap and he has also stated the fact that Jay-Z was a huge inspiration for him. In 2006, he was able to land many records and mixtapes of him rapping and by 2009 he was able to release 3 mixtapes.

His Past Life and Some Other Stuff

Shortly after which Lil Wayne and Drake were able to collaborate and they become very close friends and so close that he has just signed a contract with Young Money Entertainment. Then in 2010, He released his debut album “Thank Me Later”.

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In recent years, he has become worldwide famous and his songs have been able to reach millions and millions of fans and made him one of the best hip hop artists around the world.

His early wife was not that awesome though as when he was 5, his parents separated and his father moved to Memphis as he was a drummer, so he went there to find a new job and he lived with his mother who was a Jewish and since his background was also that, due to this reason many used to bully him and at the age of 15, he dropped out.