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Rapper 6IX9INE Gooba Video’s Get 1.1m Dislike on YouTube

Rapper 6ix9ine has been in the news for as long as he attained his stardom. But, quite more than often, his reason for staying in headlines has been for all the wrong reasons.
Recently, the rapper has been in a lot of controversies, some of which have not given him a fruitful outcome. He was born in Brooklyn and had a rough childhood growing up. Born as Daniel Hernandez in the year 1996, his Mexican mother and Puerto Rican father brought him up till his father was killed when Hernandez was only 13.

The rapper was then forced to quit school and sell marijuana to support his remaining family consisting of his mother and brother. The rapper soon began releasing rap songs after being discovered but, unfortunately, got involved in a lot of controversies, which included getting dragged in sexual misconduct with a minor case.

Later, he was also involved in two shootings. He was also arrested for parking misdemeanors and then ended up physically assaulting a police officer. The rapper gained a bad reputation after snitching on a gang he was reportedly involved in.

How Did It Affect His Career?

6ix9ine had released a single “Gooba” last month on May 8. The song has been commercially successful as it garnered the highest number of views in YouTube history for a hip-hop song.

As of June 9, 2020, the song has garnered around 305 million views. But unfortunately, the song has also got around 1.1 million dislikes. This is actually a huge amount.

Perhaps, the rapper’s controversial character has seeped through to his career.

Things are not looking as great for the rapper as it once was given his questionable actions ever since the start of his career. The future remains to be seen.

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