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Ramy Season 2 Plot, Air Date, and Expected Cast Details

Ramy in Ramy season 2

The first season of Ramy was loved by many viewers. After seeing this love and attention, the studio has decided to bring Ramy season 2 into the fold. As the viewership continuously increases, it will be good to have another season.

Also, with many theories on the internet about the plot of the second season, there is so much that the audience has to know. Maybe some of these theories could turn out to be true. According to a theory, the second season could connect much more to the viewers to bring them, a sense of reality.

Release Date for Ramy season 2

The second season of Ramy will be available on Hulu. The release date for it is May 29th, 2020. Also, some people had the opportunity to watch the show and write a review for the upcoming season. According to them, the second is really good and engaging.

Cast details for Ramy Season 2

The main cast is back for the second season. There are some new characters who will be joining the show. For example, Mia Khalifa has a role in the second season. We do not know about their screen times or if they will be permanent members of the cast. You can watch the trailer to get an idea about the cast.

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Those who are returning for season two are Ramy Youssef as Ramy Hassan. May Calamawy will play the role of Dena Hassan. Stephen Way, Hiam Abbass, and Mohammed Amer will also be returning to the show. Besides them, Rosaline Elbay, Laith Nakli, and Shadi Alfons are also coming back.

Plot for Ramy Season 2

The first season explored the issues and the theme of a community in New Jersey. However, that theme could be implemented anywhere in the world. That is what makes this TV show unique. We can expect that the second season will continue to show its viewers the realities and the people around the world.

Not a lot of details have been announced about the second season. However, season two is releasing next week. You can finish the first season before the second is released.

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