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Ramdas Athawale “go corona go” video has become now world famous

On Monday Ramdas Athawale claimed that his slogan ‘Go Corona Go’ has gained world popularity, as people are liking it. Earlier the question was raised on the minister that in what way this slogan is going to help people in this crucial time when the pandemic is spreading rapidly in world and now in India too.

here is a video by opia films

He said that he gave the slogan in February when Coronavirus epidemic hasn’t touched India and the world’s other countries like China, Spain, and Italy was started to be suffering from this pandemic.

The people use to mock him and troll him on social media but the question was in people’s minds that, will this slogan is really going to let coronavirus go? So, in reply on Monday he said that now this slogan has become popular across the globe.
When on Prime Minister Modi’s urge on his video message he requested his fellow Indians to switch off the lights of their homes in the night at 9 Pm and to light up a dia, lamp, candle, or torchlight for nine minutes on 5th April.

This act will be a sign of solidarity, faith, and hope. And so, on Sunday people of India have done exactly the same by maintaining the social distancing and by following the lockdown they lit up candles, dia, torch in their homes with lamps after switching off the lights of their home. And the remarkable result was showing the strength of India that is the spirit of Unity which is enough to cultivate positivity in this tough time to fight from the inner fear in everyone from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Thus, in February Ramdas Athawale raised the slogan ‘Go Corona Go’ at a prayer meeting. The video went viral on Sunday night, now this video on social media is being shared across the country which has gained lot of popularity. In the video, he can be seen with other members of his party carrying a burning torch in their hands and raising the slogan ‘Go Corona Go’.