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Raftaar, Fazilpuria and Many Other Haryanvi Singers Came in Support to Get Justice for Aman Baisla

Aman baisla was a delhi based business who was found hanging dead on 29 September in his house. Before killing himself the man posted a video of himself on Instagram for letting people know about the conditions is was going  through, ” He said that his formal business partner and the singer Sumit goswami took the loan from him and now they are not ready to return it. The total amount borrowed by both the person were about 17.5 lakh rupees and after appealing to them about returning the girl tore her clothes and threatened to put rape charges on the businessman. Aman further added that he has no hope to get justice as even actor Sushant singh rajput didn’t get the justice how would I”.

A justice movement for Aman baisla

Some famous personalities came foreward in support of late Aman baisla and even common people are hoping for this man to get justice. This case is not getting much attentions but some people are trying like raftaar, fazilpuria and some haryanvi singers.

Raftaar released a video of himself in the public about Aman baisla’s suicide incident. He said ” That we have to fight to get justice for Aman and he mentioned about visiting Aman’s family and supporting them by being there for emotional support. They are going to held a meeting to make Aman get the justice and he also mentioned the address and asked people to join. He also mentioned that this kind of things can happen to anyone so people should seek for justice for late Aman.

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Fazilpuria also responded over this in his video he also mentioned similar things that ” If you want Aman to get justice than come foreward and help” He also added about the meeting they are hosting and invited public over to support and participate in the movement of justice.