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“Quiet Mode”: Is It a Break From Facebook Notification

Facebook is coming out with a new feature. They call it ‘Quiet Mode’. It is a feature for the Facebook app in iOS and Android phones. It is coming at a very good time. Since, all of us are basically living in the world of tech right now, closed in our homes. Many of us constantly receive notifications. Facebook is there to connect us with each other during this time. There is something bad about it. This time has made us get too connected.

It is becoming a habit now. Like every habit, it is difficult to cut back on an addiction. Here, Facebook. This new feature will hopefully allow us to cut back.

What does Quiet Mode do?

After you have enabled Quiet Mode from the setting, there is a notification telling you that the setting has been turned on. It also shows how much time you now have until Quiet Mode will end.

Seems easy enough, right? If you want to take care of your curiousness, you can use the ‘Manage Quiet Mode’ option. You can go to setting and turn off the feature whenever you want. However, you will not be locked out from Facebook. Going back to Facebook will become a fair task for you. That does help.

This new feature will silence most, if not all, Facebook notification. Facebook posted that they are legally required to give permission to some notifications. These notifications will be shown. For instance, changes in privacy policy, account security, etc. It is safe to say that some notifications such as new posts, message replies and other interaction will be off. They will be there for you when you open Facebook but you won’t get a notification.

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How do you turn on Quiet Mode? (When it releases)

Use the following instructions to turn on Facebook’s new feature:

1. Tap on the three-horizontal bar in the menu.

2. Scroll down and click on ‘Your Time on Facebook’.

3. Turn on Quiet Mode from there.

There are some extra features for you. You can choose as to how long should Quiet Mode remain active after it is turned on. You can also find some tool on setting up Quiet Mode automatically. Also, there is an option to have a reminder of your screen time limits.

Some Other Options to Silence Facebook

Since, Quiet Mode is not out for everyone yet. There is some more stuff for you. If you need some relief from endless notifications from people, here are some features.

Facebook has a ‘Mute Notifications’ option. This option silences some alerts same as Quiet Mode. However, in-app notification won’t be gone, they’ll still be there. You will have to close Facebook to be free from the notification sound. However, this sound can also be turned of in the ‘Your Time on Facebook’ option.