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Queen Of The South Season 5: Release Date, Storyline, Plot And What Will Happen This Time

Queen of the south is a web television series of America that is based on action, crime, drama, and thriller.

The creators of the series are M.A Fortin and Joshua John Miller. The first season of the series is released on the 23rd of June in 2016, second was on 8th of June in 2017, third was on 21st of June in 2018, fourth was on the 6th of June in 2019 and the creators of the series also announce the fifth season.

The 4 released seasons of the series is consisting of 52 numbers of episodes. The running time of each of episode is 38-45 minutes.

It is exciting to see what is going to happen in the next season of queen of the south!!

When the Queen Of The South Season 5 is going on air?

QUEEN OF THE SOUTH — “Piloto” Episode 101 — Pictured: (l-r) Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza, Jon Ecker as Guero — (Photo by: Benedicte Desrus/USA Network)

The production of the 5th season had been started but due to the coronavirus, it has to stop.

The official releasing date of the series is still not confirmed now, now the production has been continued after the covid 19 pandemics.

People are expecting the 13 episodes in the upcoming season like the previously released season and the running time will also be the same.

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Who is going to be in the cast of Queen Of The South Season 5?

This is also not confirmed that but it is expected that the cast of the previously released seasons will return in this upcoming season.

Alice Braga will again in the role of Teresa.

Peter Gadiot, Hemky Madera and Nick Sagar will also return in the season 5th.

Julian Silva will not be returned as if you have seen that season 4th you know that he was killed in it.

What was going to happen in Queen Of The South Season 5?

Well, there is no plot released by the creators of the series and also not any trailer but it is going to continue from season 4th.

The trailer releasing date in 29th August but due to shut down of the production it is also not confirmed now.