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Queen of the South Season 4 Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot and Updates

Queen of the South is a TV series which airs on the USA Network. It is a crime-drama series and its first season released back in 2016. The show is also available on Netflix. However, Queen of the South season 4 is not on Netflix. Those who have been waiting for it can relax because we have some good news.

Release date for Queen of the South season 4 on Netflix

13 episodes of the TV show were released last year in June. However, they were not available on Netflix. Finally, we have a release date for it. Though it is a timeframe but it’s a short one. The fourth season of the show will be released in May 2020. You can watch the three seasons on Netflix and soon, you will get to watch the fourth season.

Cast of Queen of the South Season 4

The main cast and characters from the first three seasons returned for the fourth season. Now that the fifth season is also on its way, we can expect to get the same cast.

Alice Braga, Justina Machado, Veronica Falcon, Peter Gadiot, and Hemky Madera are part of the main cast. They play the roles of Teresa Mendoza, Brenda Parra, D.C. Vargas, James Valdez, and Pote Galvez.

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Besides them, Gerardo Taracena, Jon-Michael Ecker, Yancey Arias, and Joaquim de Almeida are also part of the show. They play the roles of Cesar Guemes, Raymundo Davila, Alberto Cortez, and Don E. Vargas.

Plot of Queen of the South Season 4

A lot happened during the fourth season of the series. From a twisted mind to major plan to kill. Hopefully, you will wait to watch the fourth season because it is going to be released very soon. I won’t spoil the fourth season for you. So, you can go ahead and read it.

Teresa is the main character. She becomes the head of the smuggling ops. She controls everything in Sinaloa and many other town and cities around it. Teresa also began to extend her operations in New Orleans. She is a fighter and has claimed her business by taking on other leaders in her line of business.

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