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Quanzhi Fashi Season 4 Cast, Plot and Release Date

Fans have been loving the anime series and the journey of Mo Fan. After season three, we saw the excitement that the fans have for Quanzhi Fashi season 4. Well, there is some news about the fourth season and we have everything that you should know.

Release Date for Quanzhi Fashi Season 4

The producers for the anime, have not made official announcements for the fourth season. Besides that, there are some rumours that it is possible, the show is not coming back for another season. The producers can cancel the show. According to them, bringing the anime back for a fourth season is not worth it.

Some rumours also say that even though, the producers are thinking about cancelling the show, it could still be released. The production could continue because the fans really want watch it. There is a fanbase dedicated to the anime. All of these rumours were talked about in 2019. There could be a fourth season in 2020 but we will have to wait on the producers about its announcement.

Fans will have to wait for quite some time to see the show but hopefully, they will see it.

Plot for Quanzhi Fashi Season 4

The anime revolves around Mo Fan. He lives in society that has gone really high up the technology chain. However, he is poor in that world. Nonetheless, he is also very intelligent. One day, he is transported in another universe and he did not know about how it happened. That universe is very different, people do not use tech or other mediums in their daily lives. Instead, they use magic.

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After Mo Fan finds himself stuck in that universe, he manages to become a mage, himself. It turns out he is really powerful and, in that universe, there is evil ready to be defeated.

Cast of Quanzhi Fashi Season 4

The main characters for the anime are Mo Fan, Mu Ningxue. Besides them, the other main characters are Ye Xin Xia and Zhang Xiahou.

The supporting characters for Quanzhi Fashi are Yue Tang, Ke Xio, and Mu Shengxue. If season four ever happens, we can expect to see some new characters. Let’s hope that season four happens and we get to see Mo Fan and the others, one more time.