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Qanon Believers’ Hero Trump Tested Positive for COVID-19, Here Are the Theories They Are Explaining…

Donald Trump announced on Friday morning that he and first lady Melania Trump had been diagnosed with COVID positive. The president’s announcement has given birth to many theories amongst people.

One such conspiracy theory is being promoted by QAnon believer’s. According to the QAnon theorists the COVID positive announcement of President Trump is nothing but a way to stay away from the public’s eye to work for ‘The Storm’.


‘The Storm’ is the name given by QAnon believer’s to the day when they believe president Donald Trump will be working heroically against the Crimes related to child abuse. QAnon theorists are a major group of people who believe there is a cabal of satan worshipping people who are involved with child sex trafficking and have control over the US. These far right people believe Donald Trump is disguising himself under the fake rumor of being tested positive for COVID prepare for ‘The Storm’ silently.


This theory is being circulated on Twitter since president’s announcement and people are trying to decode his latest announcements, public appearances and talks for the evidences to support their theory.


Meanwhile progressives have been proposing a theory which includes Donald Trump trying to get back in the election game with this fake announcement. They believe that the president is lying about his COVID diagnosis to gain sympathy and work his way back into the nearing elections. According to these people, Trump has already lied so much many times that it won’t be surprising if this is also a lie.

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Though there are no evidences to support both the theories.