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PUBG Season 13 Update to Roll out Soon and What New Will Be Seen in Season 14

So, PUBG fans, Season 13 is about to be over pretty soon and We all know that in this time of pandemic our support is nothing but games and Netflix more than that we don’t really have an idea to.

So, let’s talk about season 14 to make sure what is waiting for us in this upcoming season to make sure that you will be able to remain at the top of the league.

What to in PUBG Season 13 expect??

There is no specific word that has been out regarding the date of release of the upcoming season but if we try to take a good look at the pattern of the dates of release then we can understand one thing and that is that this game will be releasing somewhere in August.

But still, there are doubts about that as the pandemic is still on and it’s still on the berserk mode. So, It will be better to expect that the season is not going to be released anytime soon.

The new season is definitely going to bring a new theme. It could be a summer theme or snow theme which is predicted by the real-time weather around the world. Also, there could be a zombie mode that could be there and also a night map for Vikendi could also be present there.

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We don’t have the gameplay for the upcoming season but the features which we just exposed after this it’s not going to be wrong to think that the whole thing is going to be working just fine for us.

Is this any better??


Also, with no trailer in our hands, the creators are making us wait for a pretty long time. So, it’s going to be a pretty big problem to predict the fact that how the new game is going to look.

There are hundreds of questions are there which are unanswered but without a doubt, we will get all those answers but for the time being, we need to wait.