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PUBG Mobile: DBS Weapon Coming In Season 12 All Update Details Here About New Weapon


It has been 2 years since PUBG Mobile is ruling the Mobile Gaming industry on a global level.

Unrivaled in all of the available smartphone platforms, PUBG mobile is getting a new update soon which will bring in the next season of the game.

Along with the season, The new update of the game is fully equipped with a lot of new updates on Weapons, Vehicles, Skins and Characters, Locations.

Much more and The Fans and Gamers’ expectations and excitement about the new update is already sky-high.

PUBG Mobile: An Overview


PUBG or Player Unknown Battlegrounds, originally a PC game whose Mobile version was a big hit among smartphone users all around the world.

The uniqueness and stability, Graphics Quality, Theme and reality of the features, detailing and other aspects of the game were simply outstanding.

These factors were enough to make it one of the most downloaded and most played smartphone games of all time.

Other than Battle Royale which was the highlight of the game, further updates added more game modes and maps like Team DeathMatch, Capture the Point and Sanhok, Vikendi, etc.

But Battle Royale in PUBG is still considered as the favorite among the gamers as it is challenging and intense where survival and assault go hand in hand.

PUBG Mobile: Season 12 Update


The new update which will bring in the much-awaited Season 12 into the game will be having a bunch of cool and awesome updates which will totally affect the gameplay.

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Death Replay: is a new feature that will be added in the new update of PUBG Mobile. The player can replay his or her death as in a video mode.

New Locations: based on Erangel, the oldest map of PUBG, which will add UAZ and Dacia.

New Weapons: A New weapon will be introduced in the season 12 Update, DBS which is a Double Barrel Pump Action Shotgun that deploys excessive damage.

In which Holographic, Red dot sights, and Scopes until 6X can be used and it is only available from special crates or Airdrops.

Other weapon updates include modifications to UZI, which will now carry Holographic and Red dot sights.

Other Additions: to the game include an Extreme Cold Mode which will force players to hunt animals for food and find or make a shelter for survival.

There’ll be a cold wave hitting time to time reduces the health of players. There’ll be more tactics markets for different commands.

Last but not the least, The second-anniversary edition of PUBG Mobile will be celebrated by giveaways and inclusion of new skins and more season 12 goodies in the crates and the store.