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PUBG Mobile: A New Level Enjoyment With The 2nd Anniversary Retro Festival

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by the most famous South Korean video game company Bluehole. This game created in 2018 but it based on the 2000 version of pubg PC.

Since the mobile version released soon the game is becoming the no 1 game in all over the world on play store and iOS app store. It is the world’s most downloaded game in all over the work. Now in 2020, the game is still updating and they celebrate their 2nd Anniversary.

How to play the Event?

PUBG Mobile gave you an option to take a break from looting and shooting after jumping from a plane and can enjoy the experience of several amusement park theme minigames. The Amusement Park theme is only in Erangle. The old school amusement park will randomly appear in there location on the map. So the player can jump there and collect the coins and play small retro arcade minigames and collect points. This 2nd Anniversary Retro Arcade festival is the new way to enjoy the experience of PUBG mobile game.

In this update, after joining the game the player can play arcade minigames like a real life arcade games. The player needs to collect coins for playing the arcade minigames named Hunt Game and Space War, the shooting rang, trampoline and launcher. The player should collect the coins from the Event Center and every minigame cost 1 arcade coin. The player needs to collect as many points as possible. The player can use the points to draw random rewards, every attempt costs 2000 points.

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Rewards of the Event

There are many rewards M249 skin, P91 skin and circus skin as well as Brawler Initiate outfit. But the possibility of that outfit is very rare like 0.10%. If you get those outfit, then those outfit will be added to your PUBG Mobile inventory permanently. Side by side there is another chance to win Premium crate Lottery coupons and Classic Crate coupons by to stay within the top 300 player list.

Besides the mini arcade game there is also Trampoline and launcher added to the game that only available in Erangle. The theme called ”2gether We Play”. The trampoline is helps the player to jump higher than regular jumps. And the launcher is like a real-life laugher, if you come near the launcher the option will appear to get in, you have to tap that option and then you see the player sitting on a chair, and it launched towards the sky in speed. By using this launcher you can travel one place to another in less time.

Also the PUBG Mobile released 0.17.0 update with features like Death Reply, return of Hardcore Mode and a new teamwork system called Brother in Arms.

So that’s how they maintain the entitle No. 1 game in the world.