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Property Brothers Brad Pitt Show Get Emotional After They Join

The Academy Award-winning actor Brad Pitt and Property Brothers got emotional and shaded the real tears while renovation a friend’s home. On Monday, the three came together for the premiere of a new show on HGTV, which is the celebrity IOU.
In which the star-like Brad Pitt has surprised by renovating his friend’s home, which is a heartwarming and life-changing home renovation.

That friend is special someone for Pitt, his special friend is a longtime makeup artist and his friend Jean Ann Black, she is his special friend and also a co-worker from the last thirty years they have worked together in forty movies.

Pitt said that his special friend Jean Ann Black is very close to his heart as they are sharing a good bond, and she is like his sister. He said that as she wanted to renovate her back garage at her home into a guest home, this renovating of rooms can make lots of space, and also, this will double the working area and also the storage area that can be used for makeup supplies.

Pitt said that if he tries to tank a scene, then she says all right, and she always agrees with the ideas of Pitt. For the past long years, they are sharing a healthy relationship; for an actor and makeup artist, this is the bond of trust that has bloomed into a new relationship, which is very special and heartwarming for both of them. Pitt said that the makeup for an actor is not about his choice to look great and different, but the makeup is all about understanding the decision of the audience so that the appearance of an actor can grab lots of admiration from fans.

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Pitt shared her memorable moments about working with Jean Black, and while speaking, he got emotional. He said that long years ago when they came together for ‘legends of the Fall’ in this movie, she has to make up his butt for ban tan lines; that moment was quite uncomfortable for both of them.

She has always dreamed of renovating her home, and for this, the vision of property Brothers helped them a lot, and that was the very emotional moment for Pitt and everyone. With tears in their eyes, he said that this was a beautiful surprise for her due to this, she got emotional as her special space got renovated by her special friend.