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Promo Art of ‘Black Widow’ Reveals Full Look at Taskmaster

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow has given its fans a fantastic look with their brand new promotional image. It has amazed the viewers at the main villain, Taskmaster’s costume in the movie.

The promo art of Taskmaster’s costume design of the new Black Widow reveals a few tactical armors that stick with the blue, orange, and white color scheme. The costume design also shows off his iconic shield as well as showing him wielding an orange-tipped sword. It will be interesting to see how Taskmaster uses Black Widow’s moves against her in the film. It has also utilized his sword as well as shield combination. 

Blue and orange costume of Taskmaster highlighted in Black Widow promo art

The viewers are still trying to guess if Taskmaster is a character that has already appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not. A new promo for Black Widow offers a full look at the costume of the villain when he goes head-to-head with Natasha Romanoff. When the trailer of Black Widow first revealed Taskmaster in action, some fans get disappointed by design. Even some of the viewers were criticizing the lack of his iconic cape along with the realistic take on the skull mask, which he wears.

What can fans expect from Black Widow promo art?

Marvel continues to keep crucial details about Taskmaster tightly under wraps after few months before Black Widow released out in theaters. Fortunately, marketing for the movie has given fans various looks at the villain. It includes the trailers which reveal how they will face against Nat and her allies. However, a brand new promotional image from Marvel is revealed, which offers the public their best look costume. 

Fans of the Black Widow can only focus their attention on the costume of characters for the film. The readers of the comic book know that the villain has one of the coolest armors in Marvel print. So, it makes fans to expect higher from the new costume design at Taskmaster. It will be interesting for the fans to look at the latest and attractive costumes in the film.

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