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Project Warlock Review Here Are the Things You Need to Know Before Playing

When it comes to shooting games, there has been an unstipulated rise in the consumption of such games.

Ever since the advent of computers, users have been engrossed in these type of shooting adventure games.

The very first glimpses of Wolfenstein 3D waft before our eyes like smoke. The one person shooting game was quite popular in it’s time. But just like everything has its expiry date, this had it too.

Fast forward to 2020 and we will be subjected to the endless possibility of games in thousands that will keep our times occupied.
The game that I will be writing about today is one of the most popular of the lot.

Yes, you guessed it right. I’ll be updating you on Project Warlock. Excited? Read on to find out more.

How Is Project Warlock? Is It Worth Playing?

The game was first released on October 18, 2018. It is available to play on Playstation, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The developer of this game was reportedly influenced heavily from shooting games such as Heretic, Doom and Blood.

A new feature that was added to this game was the usage of weapons along with magical spells.

But one letdown has been the absence of the quick save option. This means that a current game will not be saved unless the player completes a particular level. The plot of the game is also quite interesting. It revolves around a warlock or a sorcerer who is required to stop demons from invading from hell.

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The game is relatively simple to play. Killing enemies will guarantee that a player’s XP increases which guarantee more and more game upgrades.

The magic spells only increase the overall experience of the game as they ensure a better forefront for the player.

The game is quite exciting as each level is unique. The theme of the game changes simultaneously with each level. Hence, there is no scope for monotone.

To review it, all in all ten-game is good to play.

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