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Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 7: Release Date, And Cast What Happened in Episode 6

Ever felt the presence of something strange around you? Ever seen the UFOS?Do aliens really exist?

The answers to all your questions are in this series.

Project blue book is a series all revolving around mysteries. Investigations in this series were all about the aliens.The first season of the show was released on 8 jan 2019  with a total of 10 episodes.Mind Blowing facts came out about unusual things in space in this series.

A study on flying objects was done by the US air force,and was published in a book. The series is based on a book of similar name. The founder of the project blue book was Charles P. Cabell.

Research about the UFO’S was started in 1952 and ended in 1969. More than 12000 UFOS were seen according to O’leary.


The series was a hit for its first season,and it gets  renewed for its second season .Season 2 had shown more facts about space and aliens. Season 2  of the project blue book was aired on 21 jan 2021 ,and the second season also consists of 10 episodes.

Casts in Project Blue Book are:

Aidan Gillen ( Dr. J. Allen Hynek)

Michael Malarkey (Captain Michael )

Laura Mennell ( Mimi Hynek )

Ksenia Solo (Susie Miller)

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Michael Harney(Major General)

Neal McDonough(Brigadier General James Harding)

Allen hynek and Edward J. Ruppelt were the two men who made this possible to visualize the scientific mystery behind the UFOS.


In season 2 ,episode 6 hynek will be memorizing the great memories of the set of episode 6 ,and soon he gathered all  his past experiences with Robertson Panel and with the one who connects with aliens ,these are the people for whom he put everything on stake .


Season 2 episode 7 of the project blue book had shown Hynek and Quinn moved to Utah ranch to collect all the information related to a claim of unexplained phenomenon. This episode was released on 3 march 2020.


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