Professor X’s R-Rated Kill Shows How Scary His Powers Really Are

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Professor X shows how scary his powers are as he kills a terrorist cell in the cruelest way possible in Marvel’s Sins of Sinister event.

Warning: SPOILERS for Immoral X-Men #1Professor X shows he can kill in the cruelest way possible after the former leader and mentor of the X-Men is transformed into a (more) evil version of himself in Marvel’s Sins of Sinister event.

Immoral X-Men #1, by Kieron Gillen, Paco Medina, Walden Wong, Victor Olazaba, Jay David Ramos, and Chris Sotomayor, ten years after Mr. Sinister infected Krakoa’s Quiet Council with his own DNA, mutants rule Earth, and humans are the discriminated race. Sinister’s DNA, embedded into Krakoa’s Resurrection Protocols, has made the members of the group ruthless and amoral, including Professor X. To stop a human terrorist cell that is planning to take down the Cerebro satellite system, Xavier simply enters their brains as they are about to leave their base in a tall building, implanting the notion that it would be better to leave by the window. Seconds later, the rebels all jump to their deaths, without even realizing what they are doing.


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Professor X Has Used His Powers In Horrible Ways In The Past

Professor Xavier is one of the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel Universe. His powers and skills are so impressive that they have been acknowledged even by cosmic beings such as the Phoenix or Galactus. Xavier’s telepathy is not limited to mind reading, he can also alter memories, place mental blocks or hypnotic commands into someone’s brain, and a lot more. For example, Charles’ abilities are the basis of Krakoa’s Cerebro database, which allows storing the minds of millions of mutants as backups for the Resurrection Protocols. However, manipulating people’s minds is a dangerous power, and over the years Xavier has shown some of the worst possible ways to use it. The brutal killing of the human terrorist cell in Immoral X-Men is a new and cruelly creative use of Xavier’s powers, but it’s certainly not the first time he has crossed a line.

For example, as a young man, Charles constantly used his mind-reading abilities to cheat in school and sports. Later, when he became a leader and mentor, Xavier has done terrible things to his students. For example, he erased the memory of Hank McCoy (Beast) from his friends’ minds. Professor X also altered Wolverine’s mind to recruit him into the new X-Men after Logan was sent to assassinate him. While this list could go on for a long time, Xavier’s most infamous act concerned the “secret” X-Men team led by Cyclops’ brother, Vulcan, that he sent to rescue his original team from Krakoa. Not only Charles used his powers to train this team into a “Mindscape” where months elapsed in the span of a second (without telling them), but when the mission failed he also erased Cyclops’ memories of the event (and of his brother).

Sinister’s Genes Let Xavier Cross His Final Moral Line, And The Result Is Terrifying

It’s true that Professor X usually tries to avoid killing, something that his powers can accomplish with a mere thought (by “shutting off” the brains of his enemies). The only time he crossed this line was with Magneto, and the backlash created the entity known as Onslaught. However, Sinister’s genes have clearly removed this last moral boundary, and now one of the most terrifying powers in the Marvel Universe is totally unleashed. The way he kills these humans is even more horrible because of how powerless they look against his invasion of their minds, and because he makes them jump from a building rather than simply shitting their brains off. Professor X‘s brutal kill in Immoral X-Men is a cruel reminder of just how dangerous his powers can be and that, no matter how many horrible things he did in the past, Xavier can do a lot worse.

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Immoral X-Men #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.