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Prodigal Son Episode 17: Release Date, Spoilers, Streaming Details, Recap And Much More

Prodigal son is a series that fall under the crime genre. The show is an American crime drama. The maker of the amazing series is Sam Sklaver and Chris Fedak. The channel partner of the series is Fox Broadcasting Company. The show featured on the Fox channel for the first time on 23rd September 2019. The entire series contains 22 episodes. It is an ongoing series that is still gaining a lot of fame and popularity around the world. The show has gained a good amount of fans in its short but progressive period. The most recent episode of the series is episode 17.

Prodigal Son Episode 17 Spoilers

In the latest episode of the series, you are going to see that the NYPD is going to get a very strange case. The case revolves around a Mommy blogger. The husband of the mommy blogger got stabbed to death. The husband’s death occurred a few days after the delivery of the child. In the episode, you will also get to see that Bright finally finds a way to go back, Eve. But he is unable to overcome his paranoia which is there are much deeper things about her than the eye can see. To cool down all his thoughts Bright takes the help of Ainsley. But they then start to dig into her life more and find some shocking truth.

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Recap of Prodigal Son episode 16

In the last episode of the show, the audience gets to see a bank robbery that turns into a murder. You can see that Malcolm gets together with a very old friend of his. He then tries to find out the murderer, with the help of his friend. You would also see that Martin blackmails Jessica, for breaking his silence. He exchanges his silence about the murderer to spend some extra time with his son.

Release Date and Streaming details

The new episode of the series is going to launch on 23rd March 2020. The title of the episode is “Stranger like me”. The fans of the show are early waiting for the new episode to come out. The show is about the crime happening in the city. The series streams on Fox at 9 p.m. The show still now is not on any other streaming platforms.