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Prison School Season 2 Will Be Released Soon and What Is the Plot, Cast and All Other Things

Anime Web Series has always been a very popular option for those who prefer to watch episodic shows on YouTube. Content of these shows are very interesting and comprehensive. They are written by acclaimed writers mostly. Manga Comics, the biggest illustration comics company produces and publishes these comics on a regular basis. A mass appeal of these is generally in the market.

Prison School is also one such comic which became very popular upon release. First Season of the show was very successful. People are mulling for a return of that show.

Prison School Season 2 Plot

The concept behind prison school is very unique and different. It talks about a famous school called Hachimitsu Private Academy. This school is an all girls institution with strict and disciplined structure in place. Girls here are kept under strict vigilance. In the first season we see the story evolve through the eyes of Koyashi. She is a girl, who along with some of her friends is a part of this school. Upon arrival there, they face lot of difficulties with the school curriculum.

Unable to adjust to their schooling environment, they grow irritated. However with time we see how they rectify their misgivings and develop respect for their school. In Season 2 we might see a change in the administrative authority of the school. Upon coming here, he makes the institution co educational. A very small number of boys get selected. Season 2 will thus revolve around the journey of how these girls interact with the boys. A budding romantic interest might be a crucial juncture of the story here.

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Prison School Season 2 Release Date

First Season of the show released on YouTube in 2015. Since then, there has been a fair share of admirers for the show. However a significant decrease in the voluminous sale of the comics has discouraged the producers. Thus the production house is not yet sure when they will release a second installment of the show. Fans can still watch the first season which is constantly available on YouTube and other online platforms.

Why the English Translation for the Show Has Been Unsuccessful?

The problem of translating the subtitles to English has been a major impediment. Proper systems for carrying out this task has never been in place. The audio visual medium in English is very poor, which again has contributed to the cause of its failure. This in turn has made the project a somewhat partial failure.