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Prison School Season 2 an Outstanding Anime Will Air Soon : Release Date, Cast Plot and Trailer

There are many anime out there. One of them is a Japanese series called Prison School. The concept for the anime was given by Akira Hiramoto. Okay, so let me tell you a bit about the show. It is about a high class institution. With that tag, there will obviously be high class students. Now, the girls have to stay within the school as it is a boarding school. Besides this, they have to abide by the tough environment and strict rules.

The first season for the show turned out to be very successful. The show garnered a big fan base and everyone now started to look for updates on the second season.

When Is Prison School Season 2 Releasing?

The first season ended back in September 2015 and was started in July 2015. Now, the thing is that there is a lot of confusion going around regarding the second season. Some fans are thinking that season two is on its way.

However, the creators have not officially announced anything regarding the second season. With this, we can say that without confirmation from the creators, we cannot assume anything.

Will There Be a Prison School Season 2?

After the show, the manga was sold by good amount. However, that does not really give possibility to everything regarding the release. Without an official confirmation, there is not much people can assume.

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Expected Plot for Prison School Season 2

The first season for the show revolved around kiyoshi and the friend circle. They are at a school where life is really hard. There are so many rules and regulations. Abiding by these rules is like, the primary objective. However, who does not want to be rebel in these situations? The group of friends become independent and famous.

Another awesome thing is that the boy to girl ratio is in dire need for improvement. It used to be 1:200. Since, this is so bad, the boys face a lot of problems. They are unable to be social with the girls. Basically, there is a lot of intimidation. However, this all might change as there was a change in the president.

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