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Prison School Season 2, an Outstanding Anime Will Air Soon : Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Some of the featured anime which we are a fan of maybe not a great seller or don’t really have that kind of fanbase but still, we would like to watch and trust me there are a lot of animes like that.

Prison School Season 2: Are We Supposed to Wait??

So, let’s talk about one of them. “Prison School”. The content of this anime is what makes it quite better than the rest of the other anime.

It was also adapted from a manga series of the same name just like others and the manga was created by Akira Hiramoto. The anime revolves around Hachimitsu Private Academy which is famous for its world-class education and strictness. The academy is basically for girls only.

But, recently the school has changed the policy and decided to enrol boys in school. So, in the first year, only five of the guys were able to make to the school which makes the ratio of the population pretty weird.

After getting enrolled the guys try everything within their reach to make sure that they will be able to peek at girls toilet. In the end, though they were caught by the administration of the school and were later sent to the Underground Student Council and they decided to send them to the “Prison Block” of the school for a month and make sure they try to realize what they have done.

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The actors of the series have been asked again and again about the fact that is the anime series is going to be coming for a second season or not and by the looks of the actors, it doesn’t look like that the series is going to release the second season.

Prison School Season 2 : Why It’s Not so Famous??

Like the manga is still going on but the sales of the manga are about 4500 units per volumes which are really not good sales numbers and other than that the whole thing is at ruins.

So, let’s wait and hope that the next season is going to be arriving any time soon.