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Prison Break Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Updates

If the recent trend is something to look forward to, heist shows have been extremely popular. Crime thrillers are one genre that they audiences have poured their hearts out into. With the brilliantly twisted plots and well-made scripts, some of these shows have really stood out. Namely shows like Money Heist, Narcos and Ozark have painted an appropriate picture of the underworld. Some like Prison Break, which truly is one of the pioneers in this genre has been working towards a new season in place. Some details about what kind of a show Season 6 will be is given in the following lines.

Prison Break Season 6: Plot Details

This American TV series has an ardent following well across the globe. It has a lot of twists and turns followed by an unexpected finale. The story concerns the premise of two brothers Michael and Lincoln. Michael is seditiously charged for a murder that he never committed. While on the other hand, Lincoln tries to devise new methods in order to rescue his brother from prison. In the season 6 storyline, there finally might be an actual prison break moment for Michael. He will be asked to do a hit job for a premier crime organization.

But he will refuse to perform a gig. Since there actually will be a prison break, it might show the post-traumatic stress that Michael is suffering from. Locked up for years inside a prison cell, a life out in the normal would be difficult for him to handle. The show would make us see how Michael habituates himself with a normal life and his ultimate becoming of a free man. Many expect this season to be the show finale and the ultimate rundown to this hit franchise. Thus there might be the closure to multiple plot points and the story might have a flashback narrative. This can all be done to induce a spark of a sequel for the show.

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Prison Break Season 6: Release Date

After the release of Season 5 in 2017, speculations have been rife for a Season 6. But it has never really come to a point when it can be released for the audience. However, makers of the show do inform that it is in development. This suggests that we might a Season 6 in somewhere around 2020. Inevitable delay is definitely expected due to Coronavirus activities and situations.

Prison Break Season 6: Cast Details

There is expected to be no major changes to the casting list of the show for this season. Thus there are chances that the following actors would return-

Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield.

Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows.

Rockmond Dunbar as C-Note.

Robert Knepper as T- Bag.