Prince William Showing Possessiveness Over Wife Kate Middleton After Her Flirting With an Actor

People always thought highly of royal family Soecailly the couple prince and kate. They are really popular among people for their great nature and way of living and they always kade highlights because of their good work. But it’s not always highlights fir theri good work sometimes some random clicks made a different appearance like the rumor I’m 2019 if prince William.

2019 Rumor About Prince William and Past Break up of Kate With Williams

There came this rumor of prince having an affair with kates friend Rose hanbury but it didn’t lasted long and the couple keep going together. But it’s not like they never broke up before. Kate broke up with prince twice before getting married and if we look at the conditions it was always prince to blame.

In the year 2003 prince became close to heiress Anna salon which felt troublesome to kare and she broke up with him because she couldn’t see any future together with him. In Katie nicholl’s book the experience is written as “when anna invited William and a group of friends to Texas for a vacation before going to greece, it hurt kare deeply.

The another incident was of year 2007 when Kate’s and Williams relationship was public and they were having pressure fir marriage. But prince was having second thoughts about that because he wasn’t ready to settle down this early. On the same time a picture of prince got leaked in media in which he was seen as touching a half naked woman in element nightclub, Bournemouth. And kate deicided to breakup again.  But eventually things got cleared out between them and they got engaged in year 2010 and now happily married with 3 kids.

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Posessive Reaction of Harry When an Actor Flirted With Kate

The actor jake Whitehall came from the same school as of late but they never spoke before. Recently in an event when he met with kate he flirted a little with her. He shared his experience as “I flirted with kate because I had a crush on her in school time” And afte that he met William in which Williams reaction was ” Oh you flirted with my wife? Oh no, no that was very funny I could have Beheaded you. The actor found William really funny.