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Prince Harry Meghan Markle Speaks on Black Lives Matter Over the George Floyd Death

Uproars have been raging in the United States over the killing of a black unarmed man named George Floyd. With protests and vandalism all across the States, America truly has become a battleground. Frequent clashes with military personnel and manhandling of authority members have taken place.

Racial Discrimination as a social evil has been the main cause behind the upheaval of this national protest. Many eminent celebrities have launched scathing verbal attacks on President Donald Trump. Trump has taken a very debatable stance by showing zero sympathies for the protestors. That has actually led to even more outrage in the country. Finally, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spoke up on the issue. This is what they had to say.

What Incident Led to the Protests?

The incident took place on 25th May. A black unarmed man named George Floyd was manhandled by a group of police officers. Officer Derek Chauvin attacked him by pressing his knee against Floyd’s neck. While he was being pressed upon by the officer, Floyd pleaded to let him go. He was suffering from a seizure and was unable to breathe and he was assaulted like this for close to nine minutes. Under the intense pressure applied on his neck, Floyd collapsed and died. Since then there has arisen severe mass protests against this unjustified killing of an unarmed man. Police officers responsible for this incident have been legally charged and given jail sentences.

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What Did Meghan Markle Say About the Issue?

Meghan, the Duchess of Cambridge was quite silent on the issue. But later she vented out all her anger on social media. She retorted by saying that the worst thing she could do was to remain silent. Narrating the incidents of her own personal past horror, she became emotional while discussing it. When she was married into the royal family she was also under intense medial troll and scrutiny in Britain. This was due to her African American origin. Criticized for her skin color, she had to go through a lot of turmoil in the press. Thus she decided to sacrifice the royal crown. Since then they have been living in Los Angeles.

What Other Incidents Did She Refer To?

Upon witnessing the horror unfolding, she spoke at length about the 1992 riots. Then a black motorcycle rider was killed which sparked a huge civil riot in the country. The incident left almost 59 people dead. She said that she was traumatized after witnessing smoke from houses and cars being burnt. This is inarguably the biggest civil riot in America after the one which took place in 1968. That was centered around the death of Martin Luther King Jr.