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British royal family’s “PRINCE CHARLES” tested positive for CORONA VIRUS at the age of 71


CORONAVIRUS is increasing its impact day by day and its effect is increasing rapidly. More than, 21,191 deaths had been recorded due to this and more than 4,48,644 people had been infected by this. This is a huge number and this is increasing day by day. We got the latest updates that Prince CHARLES of BRITAIN was also tested positive for COVID-19.

here is tweet by a twitter user andy stevenson


Prince CHARLES is kept under isolation in SCOTLAND on being tested positive, although it is believed that his symptoms are mild. It is believed that he might have caught this virus due to his busy errands, planning for the various upcoming events, but yet the reason is not sure. It might be possible that he had been on the trap of the virus because of his carelessness. Although, he was working from home. It is said that in the coming days, almost half of BRITAIN would get infected.US death rates have been enormously increased up to more than 2000 and it is increasing day by day. Apart from the coronavirus symptoms, he is doing good in his health otherwise.

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The prince and CAMILLA will follow the government orders and they are required to be kept under isolation in Scotland. The tests were carried out by NHS(NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE) in ABERDEENSHIRE(SCOTTISH COUNCIL AREA)


It is said that he might have been infected due to close contact with someone as he was quite busy from the past few days. He was last seen on MARCH 12 when he attended a dinner in aid of AUSTRALIA BUSHFIRE relief. Before that, he met another prince in LONDON on MARCH 11 but he greeted him without maintaining any close contact. So, the reason for him being infected is yet not clear. However, he is isolating with British Duchess- duchess of CORNWALL who was tested negative.

We wish him a sooner recovery!