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Prime Minister of Italy Surrender Due to Covid 19 a Viral Photo on Internet


Prime minister of Italy surrenders due to covid 19 a viral photo on internet let’s check any source of news or not.


In this article we’ll found this news is faked there is not any verified source of this viral photo so that’s why in our research this photo and viral news are totally fake.

Don’t believe in any viral news without any verified source.

Fact check Detailed Report about Prime minister of Italy

The coronavirus or you can say covid 19 is spreading all over the world, many people are dying and many are infected if this virus.

Doctors and nurses are doing their best to save them but as there is no vaccine of this virus, so it is also very difficult for them.

The government of every country declares the lockdown or the curfew in their country.

There is a news going viral on every social media platform and also been shared by people that the prime minister of Italy is cried because of the coronavirus and also surrender in front of it.

The fake news is that the prime minister surrenders in front of the coronavirus because there is no resource left for them to fight against the virus and they lose all their control over it.

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There is a stress situation is create between the people of Italy after hearing this news but as there is no evidence found for this news, the news is declared is to be fake as there is no surrender type statement is said by the people of Italy.

Spreading fake news at this time is not so good for anyone. Everyone has to fight with this situation.