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President Trump’s rally at Janesville, Wisconsin. Here is what he spoke and promised to the people there.

As we all know the elections are coming near and President Trump and Joe Biden are conducting rally’s. Recently, on Saturday, President Donald Trump conducted his first rally after being discharged from the hospital for being tested positive for corona virus. He conducted a rally at Janesville, Wisconsin and he promised a few things to the American citizens. Here are the things he promised and said them during his speech:

1. When he admitted at Walter Reed Military Medical Center with his wife for being treated as he was tested for positive for corona virus, he had consumed few medicines and got some treatment. He said the treatment made him feel so good that he didn’t feel this good 20 years back. He promised the citizens that they all will get free corona virus treatment, the same as he got.

Right now the virus is still spreading rapidly and many people loosing their lives. Many of them can’t afford the money for the treatment so keeping that in mind President Donald Trump said that the test are going to be free for everyone.

2. While speaking about the medical things he added that “This election is a choice between a Trump super recovery and a Biden depression”. He said that if Joe Biden wins and takes over the government then he will pit a lock down and the vaccines will be delayed. Lock down is really needed right now as that’s one of the ways the spread of the virus can be reduced.

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3. After his wife and he were tested positive, his son, who is just 14 years old was also tested positive but didn’t show any symptoms. President Donald Trump said that the children have more immune and that’s why they recover really fast compared to the adults. He also added that it’s time to re-open the schools in the United States as it’s high time the children go back to school.