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President Donald Trump Tried to Kiss Claudia Jordan, Star of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’. She Claimed That She Reminded Him Twice That He Was Married

Recenntly, Claudia Jordan, who as appeared in ‘Celebrity Apprentice’s’ has claimed that the United States President, Donald Trump has tried to kiss her twice. She had appeared on a podcast called ‘Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef’.

In the podcast she mentioned a lot of things about the President which let me tell you are not so great stuff. She spoke on how he is with the children, the First Lady and how he behaved with her.

She mentioned how he is with his children, like who he favors the most and who he doesn’t really care about.  After the podcast was released, many people were not surprised by the President’s behavior. Claudia said that he favors his daughter Ivanka over any one in his family. He doesn’t really care about his daughter Tiffany and his son Eric. He is nice with Trump Jr. She also went on and said that she knows how the President cares about the outside appearance like the weight, skin colour, looks and what not. She also mentioned how he only cares about if the people are rich and attractive.

These are some serious issues but guess what, she didn’t stop at this. She said that Donald Trump had once advised her on dating. He told her to not date any black man and how she shouldn’t waste her time with them. When all this happened Claudia Jordan was dating a black man who was an Olympic athlete. Hearing this from him, she was shocked and asked him why would he say such a thing to her. For that he replied saying that ‘they don’t have money’.

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During the Celebrity Apprentice Donald Trump had tried to kiss her twice and she had to remind him that he is a married man with kids.  She also said how everyone including his wife, knows that he cheats on her.