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Power-Packed Performances in Roswell New Mexico: Season 2 Episode 6 “Sex and Candy” Is Blazing

The sixth episode of “Rosewell, New Mexico” is quite something. As the name of the episode is “Sex and Candy” which totally goes with the story.

Roswell New Mexico: Season 2 What’s Going On??

The episode revolves around the love triangle between Alex, Maria and Michael. So, the series is although about aliens and foreign stuff coming from outside and other stuff like that.

But this episode was able to make our shift focusing from one part of the series to romance all around the corner.

The episode broadcast a threesome which was something to get weird about for people as no one saw coming.

And the fact is that Alex is gay while kissing Maria was something he felt different about.

The series although was kind of hinting the whole thing to be three people relationship but still we don’t understand that what really Roswell is trying to do in this whole thing.

By having Alex into this thing makes it harder for Michael and Maria to keep continuing the whole relationship stuff.

But, other than that it’s really wrong from the viewpoint of the friendship which Alex and Maria have as that is also very important for the series.

Then, If we shift towards the other side of the series and that is Liz and Max.

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It seems that both of them are falling for each other all over again.

Roswell New Mexico: Season 2 What’s Next??

It’s not just because of the sudden impulse but also they had a history and while they were talking and trying to straighten out things, It was getting pretty hard but by the end of the episode, they were spending some good time and then again their love made them fall for each other again.

But still, Alex, Maria and Michael. Things have gone pretty messy with Alex showing feelings for Maria. After knowing that Micheal was there. So, it will be a question about whether they are going to be an investigation team anymore or not??