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Post Malone Donates $3m Earned From Nirvana Set for Coronavirus Patients

Coronavirus- a terminology that is of paramount crisis today. The world is ravaged by this virus with over 2 lakh deaths reported. Around 25 lakh people have been affected by the virus. Entire world has been in a complete physical and economic lockdown. All trading, transportation and business activities have come to a standstill. Unemployment is at its highest peak with no revenue generation. The world economy is undergoing it’s biggest recession till date. And the most frightening factor is that that death row is increasing day by day.

In such a global crisis, Celebrities and Eminent personalities are taking steps to ensure the good of common people. Pop Star Post Malone too made his contribution adding himself to that long list.

Post Malone Sings Eminem Gigs

While the world has come to a standstill, musicians are preparing their forms of art at home. Post Malone, a rock star of significant fame has come up with an initiative. Like a majority of his peers, he too has started making music at home. One of his recent efforts was to raise a huge amount of money for the people affected in Coronavirus Pandemic. He took to his podcast and sang Nirvana songs to raise around $3 million through the views generated. To accompany him were his band members who also joined the initiative. The band performed some of the biggest Nirvana hits like A heart shaped box and Come as You Are. The video of the cover became viral on YouTube, Instagram and other social media websites. People started tweeting and retweeting, generating more revenue from the video. In a congratulatory message, Malone thanked all their fans to make this initiative a grand success.

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Courtney Love’s appreciation for Post Malone

Post Malone’s initiative invited a lot of appreciation from everybody in the music quarters. The widow of Nirvana founder Kurt Cobain appreciated him telling that this was a novel initiative. She was utterly grateful that so much respect was given to her husband’s work. She assured that the fund raised would be used in a very productive manner with all the proceeds going to charitable institutions and State departments.

What Would the Fund Raised Be Used For?

Malone in a recent interview said that the amount would be used in a variety of tasks. It will be allotted to the private organizations responsible for buying medical kit, medicines, masks and equipment’s for the doctors. It would also help those who are in actual need of the money for making their ends meet.