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Porter Robinson Secret Sky Festival Watch It Now Its Live

With the Corona situation escalating worldwide, everyone has been restricted to staying at home. But that has not deterred the creativity and willingness of the music artists. They have looked for ways on how to make their music accessible to the general public. And they indeed have come up with ways and means to do so. Porter Robinson’s music festival with Secret Sky is the biggest cloud event of the day.

Details of Porter Robinson’s Music Festival

Porter Robinson, the well known music collaborator has come up with a unique method. He is organizing an online music event in association with his promoter company Secret Sky. The event is being organized in a duel collaboration with Goldenvoice and Lemonade and Brownies. Porter has invited most of his music friends and artists to join voluntarily in the program if they would like. Format of the show is on a live video platform. Robinson will have a whole day live stream of his songs. A company called Active Theory will help Robinson in this effort of his. Here the invitees will be allotted a personal cloud auditorium. They can navigate their way through the internal structures in any manner they find it suitable.

Lineup for the Show

Porter Robinson has declared the line up for the show as well. It will comprise of the following artists-

  • Porter Robinson
  • Madeon
  • San Holo
  • Jai Wolf
  • G Jones
  • Knower
  • Lil Texas
  • AG Cook
  • Wavedash
  • Shadient
  • Nairobi
  • KZ (Livetune)
  • GRRL
  • Hakushi Hasegawa
  • Kazuna AI
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Noble Cause Behind the Show

The entire world is ravaged by the impacts of the Coronavirus. In such a situation everyone is trying to contribute to the cause of making things easy. Especially for those who are not fortunate enough to make ends meet. Thus 100% of the proceeds from this show would go towards the Musicares Covid 19 Relief Fund. It will help to mitigate the extreme conditions in which half the population of the world is living in. You can catch the show live on May 9th 2020. It will be available on YouTube as well from 10:30 pm.